Accessorizing magic! Style icon and DX guest curator @thejeannebeker with Magic Pony co-creator @kdove 💖 at the opening of Politics of Fashion @designexchange. Don’t miss this incredible show and our new fashion pop up! #dxpof #canadianlegends #accessorizetothemax #beyondthekawaii #coreymoranis #buttons #magicpony (at Magic Pony)
Magic Pony had an exciting week! Click here to check out our photos from the Design Exchange’s Politics of Fashion opening party. We got to hang out with Jeanne Beker, Nicky Hilton, Jeremy Laing, and all kinds of other beautiful people from the worlds of fashion and design.
Calling all children of the night! #goth sweatshirts from Japan are now in stock. Available exclusively at our @designexchange shop! #dxpof #magicpony  (at Magic Pony)
Look who’s back? #rilakkuma sensitive pancake pals #friendsforlife  (at Magic Pony)
Ahoy! Creative wizard and Magic Pony co-owner @stevecober floating in our new Magic Pony sky. Sweatshirt by @pietparra  (at Magic Pony)
Meet our Totoro supermodels wearing fall fashions by @wekillyou and @lazyoafs 👑 today’s #dxpof message: whatever body type you have, embrace it! Fashion is about having fun and being creative #loveyourbody #beyourself #totoro #magicpony (at Magic Pony)
One of our first visitors to the new shop! The beautiful @nickihilton ✨🎀💖 #magicpony  (at Design Exchange)
welcome to the new Magic Pony fashion pop up shop @designexchange 💖 #rainbowmagic #unicorn #magicpony #dxpof
The softest pink kitten pack is now at magic pony making our lives that much cuter. By English dream team @lazyoafs #kittypatrol #backtoschool #magicpony
Happy @milkbbi Monday!! We hope the super moon last night brought galactic magic. See the full line of new #milkbbi at and in our shop @designexchange #ibelieve  (at Magic Pony)
Happy Infinity Day! Ring by @ericaweiner. Find it at and at our @designexchange shop. #forever #love (at Magic Pony)
Happy Infinity Day! Ring by @ericaweiner. Find it at and at our @designexchange shop. #forever #love  (at Magic Pony)
That magical day in Tokyo where we found a Moomin Valley exhibition celebrating Tove Jansson’s 100th birthday. Read all about our adventure in Moominland on the Magic Pony blog #tbt #moomin #magicadventures #tokyo #magicpony

Malarko Hernandez, Streets of Beige, 2014, Digital Loop, 400px x 280px

Stone cold